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YCA – Your Yacht Crewing Agency is looking for excellence.

We provide our customers with the best service on their sailing and yachting tours. Hence, we seek to recruit the best crew members for employment.

If you are a committed mate, deckhand, captain / yachtmaster, steward / stewardess, helmsman or bosun: take your chance and apply today!







Jobs and Work on Yachts

Employment and Recruitment on Yachts

Update: currently we do not offer any services.

YCA – Yacht Crew Agency looks for qualified and talented candidates. Your job opportunities depend heavily on your former working experience, positions and personal skills like language proficiency. Nonetheless, we introduce motivated newcomers into existing yachting and sailing crews.

Our crewing agency brings job applicants and yacht owners together: not only captains like a day or coastal skipper and yachtmaster are likely to get jobs. A luxury yacht needs beside the officer, deckhand, mate and stewardess all other kind of staff. A chef and crew cooks for example; furthermore a purser and medical assistance. Even sport instructors, a diving master or a first and second engineer are usually hired.
Some vessels employ a helicopter pilot and need mechanics. So do not hesitate to apply for your desired job and working position.

Anyhow, every application process, recruitment and employment begins with your CV. Please send us your personal data, including former experiences, qualifications, licenses and positions. Do not forget to attach references and relevant documents to your application. A recent photograph showing head and shoulders should not be missing. For your own convience, we prepared a sample CV. Please stick to it, as far as possible.

Please send your entire application to YCA - Yacht Crew Agency.

After we got in touch, we look for a matching position within a fitting yacht or sailing crew.



Get a Job:
We seek well trained (chief) stewards and stewardesses for employment on a yachting cruise as well as deckhands or mates for yachting jobs. An experienced Captain, Bosun, officer or mechanic is always welcome for work.

Work on Yacht:
Join a yachting or sailing team and work on a luxury vessel. Our customers cruise to locations all over the world. So do your job opportunities...

Apply for Jobs:
Take the first step to become a working crew member on a yacht or sailing boat. First, take a look on our sample CV, then send your job application.


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